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About Ruth Goetz

Dedicated to family values, Ruth has spent all her life creating, nurturing, and building her own family right here in Baltimore County. Through her enlightenment over the last 2 years, she now realizes that the Government, including the local Maryland State government is on a warpath with the family and wants to destroy all that she has dedicated her life building. 

Ruth is taking an active role in becoming a part of the solution by running for Senate where she will be able to influence the actions of state government and return the state legislation to be more family centered. She places high emphasis on family values and recognizes that strengthening the family results also in strengthening the community since family is by definition the core of the community. 

Ruth’s Campaigning Dress

Made by her own hands, Ruth stitched this dress which she wears to many of her events! You can’t find someone more dedicated than that! And Ruth shows her dedication and willingness to lead by running for 2 leadership positions, the Maryland Senate for District 11 and the Republican party Central Committee, a volunteer position.

Ruth has a strong understanding of the needs in building the community. She recognizes that in order to build strong communities there must be an understanding of the individual’s need for belonging. And that the need for belonging is first satisfied by having a strong family ties.

Families then also have the same need to belong to the community. And again that need is satisfied by the strong families building stronger communities, and building strong community, begins with emphasis on building strong families. This is the basis of her campaign and will be her focus when she arrives in the State House as your Senator for District 11!

Scroll down to learn more about Ruth’s dedication to family values and building community, that’s YOUR family and YOUR Community!

Vote for Ruth Goetz for Central Committee on July 19th and for Senate in November, to have your family and your community restored!


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Build Community

Supporting legislation that builds family, strengthens family values, and builds community by among other things, keeping businesses open.


Eliminate Unnecessary Spending

Why is our current legislature giving money to businesses? This money needs to go to the People or be spent on programs to help the People.

Support Police

Provide necessary funding and legislation to keep the police funded in all jurisdictions in the State. This should not be a local municipality decision.

Common Sense Policies

Common sense policies that protect the rights of the People and restore freedom and sovereignty to the People. 


Wanna Talk?

Ruth enjoys discussion!  Contact her to chat or to schedule a group discussion in your neighborhood!

Here is what district 11 looks like. Log into MyMGA to check if you are in district 11.



PO Box 65202
Baltimore, MD 21209

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